[William Robertson]. Ἱστορία τῆς Ἀμερικῆς μεταφρασθεῖσα... Παρὰ Γεωργίου Βεντότη..., Vienna, Georgios Bentotis, vol. Α´-Β´, 1792, vol. Γ´-Δ´, 1794.
First and only edition of this History by the Englishman W. Robertson, translated by Vendotis into Greek from the French edition. Vendotis points out among other things that it is a shame that the Greek people should be deprived, not only of scientific books but also of the necessary books of history. He dedicated the edition to Baron Langenfeld, Rigas’s well known patron, who must have given support to Vendotis’s publishing venture.
Page description: pp. [2]+358+6 unn. and 1 full page chalcography (Ἀμερικὴ κατοικουμένη ἀπὸ τὰ γένη τῆς Ἄρκτου) (America inhabited by the tribes of the Bear)
References: Ladas - Hadjidemos ΙΙΙ/1, 77, 130, 171 • PAP Ι, 5140
Entity: Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment
Item Type: Book