Charles Boyle. Dr. Bentley’s Dissertation of the Epistles of Phalaris, London, vol. Brunet, 1698.
Second edition of the book by Charles Boyle (1676-1731), the son of Roger who inspired the founding of the Philosophic College in London and Oxford from 1645 on. This book is a part of the literary polemic which broke out upon Bentley’s intervention, in regard to the assessment of ancient writers in relation to the modern – his contemporaries, that is. Bentley proved that the Epistles attributed to the Tyrant of Acragas Phalaris (sixth century BC) were forgeries done by a Sophist of the fourth century AD.
Format: 18,5 cm
Page description: lv. 4 unn.+pp. 290.
References: Brunet I/1, 778 (γιὰ τὴν πρώτη ἔκδοση)
Entity: Renaissance – Humanism
Item Type: Book