[Athanasios Skiadas]. Γένος, Ἦθος Κίνδυνοι καὶ Κατορθώματα Πέτρου τοῦ Πρώτου... Αὐτοκράτορος... ῾Ρωσίας..., Venice, Antonio Bortoli, 1737.
The first and unique edition. Skiadas was born in Argostoli, Kefallonia and studied in Padua. He had a particular bent for literature and spoke fluent German and Russian. He taught Greek at Moscow’s Greco-Salvonic Academy and, in 1723, published a catalogue of all the Greek codices he had worked on, which he dedicated to Peter the Great
Format: 16 cm
Page description: pp. [16]+512 n p. [2] full page engraving
References: BH III/1 (237) • PAP Ι, 5278
Item Type: Book