[Alfonse de Lamartine]. Ὁ θάνατος τοῦ Σωκράτους, ποίημα μεταφρασθὲν ὑπὸ Ι. Ἰσιδώρου Σκυλίτση, Smyrne, Τυπογραφεῖον Ἀνvol. Δαμιανοῦ, 1841.
Skylitsis (1819-1890) made an excellent translation of Lamartine’s Mort de Socrate, and when the poet visited Smyrna he wished to meet him. The emotion Skylitsis felt at this visit inspired these lines of his: “ “Lamartine is coming to see you”, when I heard these words, “asking for you by name and waiting outside”, I though in my astonishment I was dreaming. This visit was the glory of my life.”
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References: Ginis - Mexas ΙΙ, 3510
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