[L.A. Muratori]. Ἠθικὴ Φιλοσοφία μεταφρασθεῖσα ἐκ τοῦ ἰταλικοῦ ἰδιώματος, παρὰ Ἰωσήπου... Μοισιόδακος..., Venice, Antonio Bortoli, vol. I, 1761, vol. II, 1762.
First and only edition of the Ethike Philosophia by the renowned Italian archaeologist and historian, whose Apanta were printed in Arezzo (1767-1780). This edition inaugurates the participation also of Moisiodakas in the Greek book scene
Format: 18,5 cm
Page description: pp. μ´+250
References: BH III/2 (566) • PAP Ι, 4350
Entity: Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment
Item Type: Book