Aeschylus. Aeschyli Tragoediae... cum versione latina et commentario Thomae Stanleii et notis F. Robortelli, A. Turnebi, H. Stephani et G. Canteri. Curante Joanne Cornelio de Pauw..., vols. Ι-ΙΙ, The Hague, Petrus Gosse, filium, & Socios, 1745.
The first edition of Aeschylus’s Tragedies with Greek commentary and notes by Thomas Stanley (1625-1678) was printed in 1663 in London, reprinted the following year and followed by the present one of The Hague. It is a significant edition of the distinguished philologist’s work, upon which the edition by Paux and Butler was based.
Format: 27,5 cm
Page description: vol. Ι pp. [30]+553+1 blank
References: Hoffmann I, 37
Entity: Renaissance – Humanism
Item Type: Book