[ Stephanos Economou (edit.)]. Συλλογῆς τῶν ἐν ἐπιτομῇ τοῖς πάλαι γεωγραφηθέντων..., vol. I, Vienna, Σχραιμβλικὴ Τυπογραφία, 1807, vol. II [Τυπογραφία Ἀντωνίου Σχμιδίου] 1808
Anonymous edition, but by Stephanos Economou, which is an anthology from the edition Geograpniae Veteris Scriptores, publ. J. Hudson, Oxford, 1698-1717. The Zossima brothers, who sponsored the edition, donated 545 copies of the two volumes to the ‘Greek nation’.
Format: 19,5 cm
Page description: pp. 1 unn.+1 blank+812+4 unn.+1 folding leaf with Table outside the text,
References: Iliou, 19th c. I, 1807.62, 1808.32
Entity: Neo-Hellenic Enlightenment
Item Type: Book