Commentarii in septem tragedias Sophoclis..., Rome, in Gymnasio Medico Caballini montis, 1518.
First edition of the commentaries on the seven tragedies of Sophocles, as the first, published by Aldus Manutius in 1502, although explicitly stating it would be accompanied by the commentaries, had not been adhered to as promised. It is thus that Laskaris, in the framework of his participation in the operation of the Greek Secondary School on Rome’s Quirinal Hill, where a printing press also operated supplemented the Aldine edition with the printed Commentaries. This Greek printing press had been set up in the house of the enthusiastic supporter of the revival of Greek letters in Rome, Angelo Colocci. It began operations in 1517 with funds obtained from the Vatican with Vittore Carmelio its first printer. It was the School’s aspiration to publish editions of equal literary quality to the Aldine such as the Σχόλια παλαιὰ τῶν πάνυ δοκίμων εἰς τὴν Ὁμήρου Ἰλιάδα (Scholies of Iliad of Homer), edited by Arsenios Apostoles. These editions were printed with the lower case fount employed by Laskaris in Florence in 1496.
Format: 20 cm
Page description: lv. [202]
References: Hoffmann III, 432 • BH I/1 (60) • PAP Ι, 1774 • Charta Ι, 277
Entity: Renaissance – Humanism
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