[Erasmus]. Io. Frobenius Politioris literaturae cultoribus..., Basel, Johann Froben, January 1523.
The first edition of this compilation by Erasmus of Greek and Latin proverbs, maxims and sayings, was printed under the title Adagiorum collectanea in Paris in 1500. When Erasmus installed himself in Aldus’s printing house in 1507, he had the good luck to be offered a wealth of material unknown to him, enabling him spectacularly to enrich the first edition of the Adagia. In fact, Aldus began printing the collection before Erasmus had completed the whole work, and thus, after long and hard work the book was published in 1508 entitled Adagiorum chiliades tres and contained 2,734 maxims. The Basel edition is even more comprehensive, the maxims number 4,000 and more, while the title page’s surround is an engraving depicting Greek and Roman poets and authors, and is signed by Urs Graff.
Format: 32 cm
Page description: pp. [51]+1 blank+798+6 unn.
References: BMSTCG, 277 • Heckethorn, 106 (178) • Griechischer Geist, 23 • ΦΕ, 82-85 (34)
Entity: Renaissance – Humanism
Item Type: Book