[Giovanni della Casa]. Ἡ χρηστοήθεια πρὸς διακόσμησιν ἠθῶν τῶν Νέων... ἐκ τῆς Λατινίδος... μετενεχθεῖσα... προσαυξηθεῖσα... ὑπὸ... Ἀντωνίου τοῦ Βυζα­ντίου..., Venice, Nikolaos Glykys, 1788.
The first edition of the Christoetheia by Giovanni della Casa was the rendering by Caesario Daponte in verse form and was printed in Venice in 1770. Antonios the Byzantios, a teacher at Constantinople’s Patriarchal School, translated the work from the Latin text first printed in Venice in 1780 and reprinted at least seven times until 1800.
Format: 17 cm
Page description: pp. 52.
References: BH III/2 (1218) • PAP Ι, 1563
Item Type: Book