[Agapios Landos]. Βιβλίον καλούμενον Θηκαρᾶς... Τριάδος..., Venice, Nikolaos Glykys, 1683.
Second edition of the Thecaras, the first being in Venice in 1643. This diminutive book contains hymns to the Holy Trinity and, as testified by Landos in his prologue to Mattahaios of Lesbos: brachy ke microtaton, eis de tin posotita ke theologian ine aposon ke anikaston.
Format: 10 cm
Page description: pp. [2]+ροδ´.
References: ΒΗ ΙΙ/2 (581), ΙΙ/5 (197) • PAP Ι, 3393
Entity: Theology
Item Type: Book